Your Absolute Dream Client is Scrolling Through Facebook.  Are They Finding YOU?

      • You are frustrated with the return you are getting from your online social media efforts.

      • You are envious that others seem to be getting this social media thing down where you still feel in the dark.
      • You don't really have a plan or strategy about what you are doing.
      • You are frustrated with Facebook lowering "reach" and you aren't sure if that means you should throw in the hat or AMP UP your efforts?

        Are you ready for a new solution?


It's time to stop guessing about what to post and START attracting your dream clients!


Your absolute DREAM customer is scrolling through Facebook she comes across your page and is Stuck.Like.Glue.  

She can't get enough!

Your images tantalize her senses, your questions make her want to jump in and participate. 

Your About page answers all her questions and she scrolled and read every last post on your page.

She considers you her Facebook soulmate.  

Yep, she's developed a girl crush and it's on YOU and your business.

She can't get her wallet out fast enough!

The Problem?

Most fan pages do not generate this kind of eager response. Instead of liking, commenting, engaging and becoming PART of your community your followers are dropping you like you're hot...a hot mess that is!

OR, just as bad, they are there but they are a SILENT, mute, part of the black hole.

There is nothing worse than putting your time and effort into your marketing to be greeted by crickets, especially when you are counting on this to increase your bottom line.

Let me give it to you straight, chances are they stopped paying attention 10 product posts ago.

If you are here, someone wants you to find out about:

Honey Badger Underground

Honey Badger Underground, cousin to the famed "Honey Badger 101," is cooler, has an UPDATED style, hangs around with the same kickass business owners, but she's more organized, efficient and up to date.

  • 6 weeks of step-by-step FB marketing training
  • a workbook to guide you through 
  • weekly Live Q+A
  • updated content and the same PROVEN strategies
  • content released weekly, go at your own pace
  • lifetime access
  • a community of like-minded business owners

People often ask me about the Honey Badger reference.  Do a teenie bit of research on the animal and you will find that Honey Badgers are resourceful, smart, resilient...basically badass.  They never use fear as an excuse. They are strategic planners who use tools to get what they want and aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. This course most definitely will help you become a Honey Badger where your marketing is concerned.

There will not be a public launch of this course, if you are on this page you were you have been specially invited by a Honey Badger Grad, were on the wait list or you're just a super sleuth.

The door to the Underground will shut upon reaching 50 participants or March 1st, whichever comes first.

Class starts on March 1st.




Honey Badger Underground is focused on 
teaching you the PROVEN Facebook marketing strategies that WORK and START ATTRACTING the attention and loyalty of your ideal customer.

You'll learn:
Solid marketing strategies. How to create content that is geared toward your ideal customer and an understanding of what tools and skills you need to consistently move the needle forward in your business.

Here's the Nitty Gritty

Your entire course is online and can be completed from the comfort of your home or one the go. While content will be time released weekly in a specific order, you have lifetime access to the course and ample time to complete the modules on your own time.

Week 1- Spruce Up + Engagement Strategy

How to create a page that immediately hooks your dream client.

How + what to post to get people jumping in to chat with you. No more yelling into a black hole or crickets when you ask a question.

Learn what kinds of content you should be posting on your page.

How often to post + when.

Week 2 - Dream Clients


Who Are They, Where Are They?

How understanding your niche makes you more money.

How to create your own images that tantalize and prompt the kind of action you want your followers to take.

Where to find copyright free images....for FREE.

Using your competition as a way to get to know your dream client, and subsequently blowing the competition out of the water.

How to use free tools to understand your dream clients' wants + needs + fears and what that has to do with marketing.

Week 3 - Branding YOU


What this has to do with standing out from the crowd.

How to create a mood board.

Setting up systems to help you quickly create a gorgeous image.

Helpful tools for entrepreneurs.

Organizing your brand in a Trello board for finger tip access. 

Week 4 - Customer Journey


Learn what kinds of content to post.

Do they know, like and trust me?

How to create your OWN unique and branded content.

What to post to get the sale.

Understanding the sales cycle on your page and what kinds of content moves them to the next step.


Week 5 - Live Streaming Like a Legend

Does going LIVE make you shake? We got you covered girl!

The strategy behind going Live.

What to talk about + how to get engagement + how long to broadcast.

How about a RECIPE for creating a live stream that is clear + concise + entertaining + informative?

Week 6 - Get the Hell Off Facebook!

Why you need to grow beyond Facebook

Mighty Network

Where to leave your digital footprint now that you are ready for the world to FIND you!

Where to focus your marketing efforts NEXT...







In Honey Badger Underground, not only will you receive step-by-step training, but you’ll also receive the tools, resources and support you need for success.

My name is Kelly Paull.  I teach Smart Marketing to Smart Women.

I've been teaching marketing for more than 10 years. Yep, I'm that nerd who loves strategy, psychology, women entrepreneurs + puppy breath. 

For the longest time my big problem was buying course after course, never finishing them and never taking action on the things I was learning. (Can you relate?)

I was a professional course collector. My love of learning #allthethings and being an early adopter took a lot of time and effort. (and $$!)  In 2010, everything changed when I decided to take my love of teaching and add it to my love of psychology + marketing and turn it into a business.  As a result, Directly Successful was born.

My passion for attraction marketing and social selling became my full-time gig. I’ve taught thousands of women how to use the strategies and methods I've used to grow a following of almost 20,000 without ever participating in a like ladder, follow me Friday, or buying likes. My growth has been primarily organic with the occasional boosted post. 

I've stepped away from playing small and I want to help YOU do the same!

I think it's YOUR time, don't you?!

Are you ready to use the same strategies to move your business forward?

 Are you ready to join a community of badass business owners just like you as you progress through the course?
Over 500 graduates can't be wrong.
Then, I'd love to INVITE you to the Honey Badger Underground >

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Honey Badger Underground - class starts March 1st



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New Mini-courses Quarterly

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