What if...

...instead of spending countless hours on social platforms just trying to get clients to notice you, you created more valuable marketing that gets much higher return?

...you had short tutorials and fun challenges to motivate you to learn new ways to stand out from your competition?

...you were productive with your work hours so you had time to be with family making memories instead of wasting away in front of a screen?

My guess is that part of your struggle with content marketing comes from not planning ahead which leaves you waking each day with the pressure of what to post.

Let's stop that and see some real growth in your following and your bottom line because of it!

Marketing Strategy

Smart Boss Club is a community for women entrepreneurs who struggle with consistently creating content to market their businesses. 

In the club we show you the roadmap to effortlessly create unique content that will have you standing out from the crowd!




No more lip service to getting shit done.  You will be making a plan and working it.  It's time to stop starting and start finishing those things on your list.

In the club you'll learn strategies and tools that will help you be strategic and productive. STOP spinning your wheels!




One of the hardest things about entrepreneurship is not having that support and encouragement. 

In the club you will have monthly 2 hour "Get Sh*t Done" sessions where you spend the first 30-45 minutes learning a new marketing skill, then the rest of the time actually DOING what you just learned! You'll be virtual with other like minded business owners who are ALSO  making BIG things happen!



Smart Boss Club is your road map to creating + implementing unique, mouthwatering content that will grow your following and move the dial on your business.

Here's a bird’s eye view of Smart Boss Club. You can quickly see where you are in your journey to getting your content planning to a place where it is effortless to plot out your marketing plan each quarter.

"My favorite thing in SBC so far has been the Epic Blog Post training. Not only did I actually publish an epic blog post, it generated more interaction than any other blog post I ever published. And, now I have the checklist to create one again and again."

Cari Blake
Simply Dishing

"Smart Boss Club has been a great kick in the pants to APPLY what I learn, not just learn stuff."

Bonnie Newell
Color Street - Simple Gal

"Smart Boss Club has helped me step out of my comfort zone. I have learned so much that helps my business and helps me do life as a busy wife and mom. I have learned information from tips and tricks about apps to make life easier, to batching my tasks to improve efficiency, to research methods to improve my marketing."

Denise Lux

"Well, I'm loving working with Kelly. She's the best at SM and all of its madness. How clueless can I possibly be about social media & attraction marketing? Apparently, limitless. The business side - got it, the knowledge expertise - on it, the leadership, communication, accountability, finance, strategy - all over it. Online marketing, social media savvy and e-sales - CLUELESS! (Seriously, font isn't big enough.) "

Kim Woods
Kaleidoscope Enterprises

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