I’m Kelly Paull, and I teach smart marketing to smart women.

My business IS your business.

I mean that quite literally.

Consider me the big sister you didn’t know you had.

The big sister that keeps your best interest at heart, and then makes sure you’re actually doing something about it.

I’m the one who will tell you when you have a booger in your nose and pepper in your teeth. I’ll also tell you when your website looks like a 3 year old made it and if your marketing is like nails on a chalkboard.
People don’t come to me for beating around the bush, they come to me for the real stuff.
The “how to show up online and make money” stuff.

My job is to wade through all.the.things.
And give you clear, concise lessons alongside the accountability to get them done and applied to YOUR business.

You won’t find candy coated perfection with me, just real life lessons on how anyone, including you, can learn what it takes to grow a following and make money with your online biz.

I’m here to encourage you to keep at it. To be a business woman who works hard AND smart. To not be afraid to try something new, to step outside the box, to be remarkable, to stand out from and above your competition.

Working with me means moving forward in your business – with intention, personal style and imperfect action.

I've been in business for 10 years teaching online marketing including social media marketing, email marketing and attraction marketing.  I've taught courses, created a Membership program, coached 1:1 and lead a successful Mastermind group.  Combining all my knowledge and skills, I have now settled into my zone of genius which is working 1:1 with my creative clients to help them get unstuck and moving forward with a Perfect Plan that includes strategic marketing and systems to help get more done in less time.  

My past life includes a career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working on an Adolescent Crisis team as well as doing Critical Incident Stress Debriefing in the private sector + Police and Fire Departments.  I had a direct sales business for 9 years as well. I've definitely had a varied and interesting work history!

"Get ready to propel your business at a speed you can’t imagine! From laying out our customer story in just the first 2 hours, and spending so much one on one time with Kelly flushing out content and business ideas that will last me months, then wrapping that all into the perfect package with my own social media brand content from Nicolette using my own images from the shoot with Sarah! It was so much more than I could have expected and everything I desperately needed! But the most valuable were the tools and processes I learned to enable me to have no problem continuing what they started. I now truly feel like the boss in my business!"

Corey Burge

"I’ve taken a lot of courses in the last year and a half and spent a boat load of money…but nothing compares to this course! {Honey Badger 101} Soooo much valuable information, I can’t begin to describe it!"

Jane Sartain

"Kelly stays on top of social media so you don’t have to. She takes all the tech talk and puts it into words and actions you can understand. And, she makes it fun! Taking her courses has made this introvert (mostly) comfortable doing Facebook live and putting myself out there! Even if you only implement pieces of all she teaches your business will be better for it."

Cari Blake

"Kelly is one of those unique online gem’s. She has a unique way of seeing what your business needs and what your ideal clients need from you. She’s no BS, super clever, and always has a unique way of sharing about your biz in ways that feel doable, fun and different. She knows when you’re coming up with excuses, playing small or fighting some internal fears and she knows exactly what to say to help you overcome them. Kelly is funny, super fun to work with, she truly cares about her clients and their success and she will get you results and keep you accountable."

Nicholette von Reiche

"I have had a fan page for 9 month prior to starting Honey Badger 101. In 2 words IT STANK. I had some likes but those were mostly family and friends. After starting HB people began engaging on my page.. Kelly and Honey Badger 101 are helping me ROCK my business!"

Cyndi Miles

"My page has gone from having very little reach (even though a decent amount of likes), to a much wider reach, more likes, and people even occasionally engaging! I love that I know now how to focus my posts to my tribe… and I’m sure they love it as well! Thank you so much for being so involved in the course from day to day, and for being so invested in us. And thanks for your straight-talk too – it’s exactly what we need!"

Sheree Dennis

"I started out just taking her Facebook marketing course, but quickly realized that Kelly has a brain any entrepreneur or business owner wants access to. She isn’t just a marketing genius, but has been able to guide me in business and building multiple streams of income. She sees the big picture and gets it. Always ready to implement the early adapter mentality gives me the edge that all entrepreneurs NEED to be successful in businesses. "

Becky Zientek

" I am simply in awe at the wealth of knowledge that is acquired through this course! (Honey Badger 101) It is broken down into steps that are easily attainable, and each step builds upon the rest. Kelly is patient with you while you are learning. She gets really involved with our questions and helps guide you in a better direction than you think is possible. My business will never be the same."

Crystal Stary

"Working with Kelly is one of the smartest boss moves you can make in your business. She has the perfect balance between keeping it real & pushing you to your true potential. I’ve opened a door to an unimaginable amount of opportunity literally at my fingertips because of the network & coursework Kelly provides. She’s like a biz boss alchemist – leading you to unearth your true passions and turn them into pure gold! Kelly pushes your intellectual curiosity past the brink of your fear so you can get shit done and love doing it. I’m always waiting to see what she’ll do next! Thanks Kelly!! "

Jeanette Fotis

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