5 Things You Need to Know for a Profitable Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday presents a unique opportunity to send out marketing materials to your client list.

Since it is the kick off to the holiday shopping season people are expecting deals and steals and marketing from you.  The only way this might back fire is if you have OVER MARKETED to them already. IF you send a weekly sale day, this may well be a big fat flop for you if your client list is used to getting “deals”.

These tips are going to help you get your emails opened, keep them...

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How Marketing is Just Like That Middle School Crush

Remember when you were in middle school and you finally got the guts to say hi to that cute classmate you'd been crushing on all year?  Remember that feeling you had when he didn't say hi back? Ugh! I feel the pit in my stomach just writing that! ‍

Here's my point. Doesn't it kind of feel the same way when we post on social media and get ZERO response? No one likes to put themselves out there to be met with silence.

Good news! Over the last 9 years of working with thousands of small...

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6 Genius Ways to Use Facebook in Your Direct Sales Biz

Are you seeing a decline in your fan page interaction and reach? 

We all are these days and instead of sulking in your tea let’s see if we can stir up some online fun to get your followers off of dead center.

6 genius ways to use Facebook in your direct sales business

If your page has fewer than 100 followers (or if you have never made an effort to actively engage with your followers) it might take some time.  Don’t give up if you feel like your social media strategies for engagement feel more like yelling into a black...

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