7 Things Productive Biz Owners Do

What does "being productive" as a business owner ACTUALLY mean?  In my view it means maximizing the income producing activities (IPA) and minimizing the paper pushing and wheel spinning. It also means shorter "to-do" lists and more actual DOING.

If you really want to be more productive, you need to focus on completing fewer tasks, learning how to work without distraction for a block period and taking much needed breaks.

See your productivity skyrocket when you put these seven habits into...

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How to Get SH*T Done When You Have Small Children

Work for yourself and happen to have children under the age of 5? I bet you can relate to trying to carry on a business call while someone pulls on your leg, begs for cookies or discreetly pulls every last bit of toilet paper from the roll.

We’ve all been guilty of plopping a child in front of a video (educational of course) just to eeek out a few minutes to get some work done, right?

Imagine using a simple timer (set for a maximum of 25 minutes per stretch) to get your work done as...

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