I love you. You’re perfect. Now Change.

No. Not who you are but how you’ll get it done. Let’s get some real work done, with real people and in real time.

It’s time. Take the plunge and don’t look back.

You’ve been buying courses, hiring coaches, and talking to anyone that will listen about wanting to take the next step in your business.

The problem is you aren’t sure what the next step is or who can help you get there.

Although you're frustrated and overwhelmed, you’re hopeful that somewhere out there are the right partners to show you the way and help you get shit done (and hopefully they are also cool AF).

We’re not talking mediocre motivation Mondays. We’re talking two and a half days of action oriented, income producing, upleveling the shit out of your business. And sending you off with a specific plan about what you’ll be doing for the next 90 days in your biz.  You won’t feel confused, alone and overwhelmed anymore.

You just gained 2 power partners who will cheer you on and hold you accountable. Oh, and they ARE cool AF!

Gimme the specifics, would ya?

Capturing Your Brilliance//

Professional Branding Shoot

No, your super posh, albeit really nice looking, selfie isn’t enough. Sarah Marie is going to blow you away by making you do you. Get ready because you didn’t know you had this in you and it was there all along.

Sarah will work her magic behind the camera and bring the energy + essence of your brand to life. You will receive beautiful branding images to communicate your unique marketing message and instantly attract your highest level clients.

We’re talking a library of images to use in all of your marketing, not just some cheeseball headshots.

You already have the perfect planner, now get the perfect plan//

90 Day Marketing Plan

Legit. You need one and now you’ve got one. You’ll have no excuse not to get shit done! Once this is in place, your clientele will keep you so busy doing your business there won’t be time for excuses anyway. Everything and everyone is in place, just get your Badass over here!

Kelly will work with you personally on creating the kind of content your brand needs to take your dream client from interested to invested.  No more guessing about what to post online & you can forget about second guessing yourself altogether. You will have a plan to follow that allows you the time and clarity to work both on and in your business.  

No Longer Graphically Challenged//

Graphics Package

Your captured brilliance is set to send you off to deliver greatness to your clients, followers and most of all yourself.

Following the 90 day marketing plan, these graphics are nothing short of badass to get your butt cheeks in gear. High gear.

You'll have custom templates to turn the work you have done into the graphics you’ll use to execute your plan. They will speak directly to your people and leave them craving MORE. 

Sarah will walk you through the templates in either Canva or Photoshop (your choice) and help you set up your brand toolbox to quickly and easily customize your graphic templates on the fly! 

Your brand has never felt so YOU. Your graphics have never been so in sync. Your plan has never been so clear.

Ready For The Details?

2.5 epic days, Broomfield, CO

$3,800 includes

  • Some days we'll lunch and learn, others we'll power through and leave you on your own to fuel yourself.
  • Professional photo shoot with 30 high resolution images delivered to power your brand for the next 3 months and beyond.
  • Consulting and a specific plan for 3 months of strategic marketing for your business and your brand.
  • Select from a menu of graphic template options that best fit your epic marketing plan.

You don't need a rental car (unless you want one). Uber to and from the airport, we'll take care of the rest! You'll be within walking distance of food, coffee, and shops.


Fly in, get settled and we will discuss what’s coming up in the next 2 days.

Day 1

Your morning will start out with 2.5 - 3 hours of nose to the grindstone mind mapping with Kelly to begin crafting your 90 day plan.

We'll take a much deserved break for lunch, give you some "me time", then Kelly will be back to glean some more brilliance from you for another 3 hour work sesh.

Your head will be swimming with excitement and ideas for your brilliant marketing plan by the end of the day. You will have a plan for EXACTLY what you'll be doing once you get home (or on your extended work day if you choose to stay an extra day before heading home).

It’s been a long ass day. We'll grab some dinner nearby and get you back to your hotel for some beauty rest. Tomorrow’s going to be FUN!

Day 2

Ready for your Close Up?  You have until 10am to get yourself ready for your photo sesh with Sarah.  We can set up professional hair and makeup if needed. Let us know and we’ll make it happen. (There is an additional fee for this service.)

10:30 - 12:30pm: Sarah knows the perfect locations for getting the ideal shots to make you and your brand stand out! Relax, we promise it’s going to be FUN and Kelly will be there to help you give a genuine smile and direct the shoot so we get every shot we need for your plan!

12:30- 2:00pm: Lunch + wrap up for the day.  You’ll have some homework for tomorrow, but plenty of time to decompress from this super action packed day!

Day 3

Today the magic comes together as we start putting together #allthethings.  Your images are being edited while we start putting the plan in motion. Kelly will arrive at 11am giving you the morning to either sleep in, work on your homework, or do whatever the hell you want! We’ll get after it and be ready to roll when Sarah arrives to reveal her edited masterpieces and walk you through your selected graphic templates.

Book your flight home for 5pm or later on day 3 OR choose to stay an additional night. Staying the extra night means you get to work on your plan while it is fresh in your mind without the distractions from home.

Kelly Paull + Sarah Marie

We can't wait to work with you!  Kelly is the brains behind the strategic plan and the content needed to take your business to the next level. Sarah is the creative eye behind the camera and your drool worthy graphics. Our unique gift is how together we have such a remarkable way of working our magic where your marketing is concerned. 

We separate the payments due to tax purposes. You'll pay $1900 to Kelly and $1900 to Sarah Marie.

Please click each link below to pay.

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