While you started this business to stay home with your kids, you spend much of your day trying to keep them occupied so you can steal some dedicated time with your ‘other baby,’ your business.

Between your Facebook page, soccer practice, homework, carpool….your days feel like an endless round of Tetris as you try to fit it all in.

I’ve got just what you need.

Take a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who loves to study human behavior, mix in an early adopter who gets jazzed about technology, sprinkle in a former direct seller who has observed (psychoanalyzed?) a ton of customers and top it all off with a quick wit and the fearless ability to help you stand out from the competition, and what do you have?

Me. I’m Kelly Paull, and I teach smart marketing to smart women in plain English.

Understanding why people do the things they do is what makes me tick. You can call me a geek, I don’t mind. But I prefer the term intellectual badass.


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