Building a Successful Business Just Got Easier

      • You sign up for various courses, but don't seem to ever implement what you learned.
      • You've spent countless hours researching how to market your biz, and you're sick of the frustration of guessing at what you need to do next.
      • Your business is up and running but it's not bringing in the results you want, you're tired of wasting time and money.
      • You love being a business owner, but if you're honest, it's kind of lonely.

        Are you ready for a new solution?

No more stabbing in the dark
guessing about how to market your business.

Have you ever thought:

1. I can just copy someone else - If it works for them, it should work for me. 

2. It's just too expensive -  I can't afford an expert to help me.

3. It's easy -  I can teach myself. How hard can it be?



The Smart Boss Club roadmap is a bird’s eye view of Smart Boss Club. You can quickly see where you are in your journey to getting your content planning to a place where it is effortless to plot out your 90 day marketing plan each quarter. 

No more copying, guessing or wasting time!

Your business deserves better!

Introducing the smarter way to learn how to market your business.

The Smart BOSS Club

You don't have to be rich | You won't waste time spinning your wheels | You don't have to teach yourself | You won't be guessing about which tools and strategies to use | You'll be doing it with a community of kickass biz owners !

Taking inspired action has never been more doable and fun!

The Smart BOSS Club (SBC) is focused on helping you stand out from the competition.

You'll learn:
Solid marketing strategies. How to create content that is geared toward your ideal customer and an understanding of what tools and skills you need to consistently move the needle forward in your business.

There are three fundamental concepts

This is my not so secret sauce...


Let's face it, you won't stand out in a crowded market by using the spaghetti method of throwing things out there and hoping they stick. SBC will help you plan and strategize the best marketing methods to get the results you want.


Not gonna lie...I can waste time with the best of 'em! In SBC you'll put key productivity hacks into your routine that made all the difference between scrolling Facebook all day and actually moving the dial forward on your business.


Your fellow bosses will be keeping an eye on you to make sure you're reaching your goals and not chasing after sparkly squirrels, hiding behind your computer or playing small. Move onward and upward with a pack of women cheering and supporting you!

My name is Kelly Paull.  I teach Smart Marketing to Smart Women.

I've been teaching marketing for more than 10 years. Yep, I'm that nerd who loves strategy, psychology, women entrepreneurs + puppy breath. 

For the longest time my big problem was buying course after course, never finishing them and never taking action on the things I was learning. (Can you relate?)

I was a professional course collector. My love of learning #allthethings and being an early adopter took a lot of time and effort. (and $$!)  In 2010, everything changed when I decided to take my love of teaching and add it to my love of psychology + marketing and turn it into a business.  As a result, Directly Successful was born.

My passion for attraction marketing and social selling became my full-time gig. I’ve taught thousands of women how to use the strategies and methods I've used to grow a following of almost 20,000 without ever participating in a like ladder, follow me Friday, or buying likes. My growth has been primarily organic with the occasional boosted post. 

I've stepped away from playing small and I want to help YOU do the same!

I think it's YOUR time, don't you?!

Are you ready to use the same strategies to move your business forward?

 Are you ready to join a community of smart driven BOSS biz owners
who want to get sh*t done?
Ready to turn your side hustle into your main gig?
Then, I'd love to INVITE you to the Smart BOSS Club >




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New Mini-courses Quarterly

Challenges Quarterly

Book Club

Monthly Q+A Sessions

Hot Seats

Member Only Community

New Courses 2x/ year



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