Marketing With Messenger™

This course will take you through when, why and how to use messenger as an important role in the marketing of your pr...

$227.00 USD

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Who's Your Biche?

Ever long for raving fans with pockets full of cash and a wish list of YOUR products? That dream will never come tru...

$47.00 USD

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Big Girl Panties® - 365

Week 1- Biche Creation Understanding your ideal customer is the cornerstone of effortless marketing. You wi...

$247.00 USD

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1:1 Consultation {1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours}

You won’t believe the feeling {and results} you get when you take charge of your marketing. You are either so ...

$120.00 USD

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Ultimate Guide- 25 non-sucky things to post on your fan page

If your fan page isn't getting the kind of engagement you'd like this guide is just the tool to get you thinking outs...


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Smart Marketing Master Class

4 People Who Come to Your Page and Why They Aren't Buying 4 Ways to Use Digital Footprints to Attract Your Biche 4 ...

$14.00 USD

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5 Days to a Kick Ass Fan Page

Take this 5 day challenge and get 5 daily tasks and dramatically improve your fan page. You'll get 5 days of lessons...

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Big Girl Panties® - Pinning for Business

Ahhh Pinterest! Did you ever imagine it could be like this? I mean, just think about it. What started out as a way ...

$147.00 USD

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Kelly In Your Pocket

You + me + 14 days of coaching and action taking. If you are an action taker, let's see how far we can take your busi...

$600.00 USD

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