Big Girl Panties® - Pinning for Business

Ahhh Pinterest!

Did you ever imagine it could be like this? I mean, just think about it.

What started out as a way to quickly find recipes and collect home organization tips has become a goldmine for your business.

Your Facebook followers have found you on Pinterest and are getting to know you (and your business) even more.

You know they’re enjoying what they’re seeing, just by the sheer increase in re-pins and likes you’re getting. But even better?

You’ve developed an entirely NEW set of followers through this medium, many of whom have become customers!

You’ve educated yourself on the strategy of using Pinterest and now you’re reaping the benefits.

You love stepping back and looking at your boards. They are beautiful!

You’re feeling pretty good.

Umm, but wait...

It’s not like that at all. 

Sure, you’re still using Pinterest to gather pictures of elaborate cakes that use rolled fondant (you’re totally going to learn someday, I know), tips to help you corral the clutter on your countertops (did you go through last week’s mail yet?) and you think you have about ten-thousand pictures pinned to a board called “gardening stuff” or “curb appeal” or something like that.

Who has time to go through them when you’re so busy pinning? I get it. It’s addicting.

If only you could take all of those hours you spend on Pinterest and put them into your business….

Oh, wait – you can – you should.

It’s like one of those days when you have on just the right underwear… there’s no bunching, no pinching, no pulling and tugging and re-adjusting. It all just looks and feels good. Ahh, Pinterest.

Big Girl Panties® - Pinning for Business

Are you wasting hours of your precious time each week compiling pins that aren’t doing you – or your business – any good? Are you limiting your social media strategy to just Facebook? Does the thought of potential customers perusing your Pinterest boards make you feel anxious? (What? You don’t want strangers walking through your home, seeing your unmade bed and yesterday”s underwear on the floor?) Let me teach you all you need to know to make Pinterest part of your business strategy and NOT just a big fat time suck!




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