Big Girl Panties® - 365

Week 1- Biche Creation Understanding your ideal customer is the cornerstone of effortless marketing. You will have a thorough description and intimate understanding of the very person who dreams of doing business with YOU. 

Week 2- Content Creation Armed with your ideal customer you will learn how to find the exact problems and worries that plague them as well as where to find content that will interest your market. You'll also learn how to take this information and turn it into your own original content that will attract MORE of your dream clients. You'll learn search techniques that your competitors know nothing about!

You'll understand the sales cycle of your fans and have a plan for strategic posting and content creation that will have them drooling and coming back for more. 

Week 3- Content Creation part 2 Did you think just one little week would be enough to teach you ALL you need to know about creating mouth watering content? We give this topic the time it deserves!

Week 4-Revenue Creation Explore how to use this information for revenue generation in a way that builds your relationship, elevates you to expert status and attracts customers who are ready to do business. You'll explore unique ideas for how best to reach your following in a way that allows them to know, like and trust you.

You'll understand the sales cycle of your fans and have a plan for strategic posting in a way that makes you  STAND OUT from the others.

Week 5- Planning it out Tie it all together and reverse engineer your calendar so you know exactly when you are generating leads, when you are in content creation mode and when you are actively marketing with a revenue goal.

Week 6 - Wrapping it up + farewell  Time to FLY (or be pushed from the nest)  either way, you are ready girl!  Get out there and wow your followers with your mouth watering content, branding and ability to attract followers and MAKE MONEY!

You'll leave this 6 week session with a PLAN for the year and a clear understanding of the tasks necessary to meet your marketing, revenue and business building goals.  Oh and some kick ass new biz buddies too!

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