1:1 Consultation {1 hour OR 2 hours}

Let me guess... you want a content and marketing plan that’ll help get you the visibility, subscribers and sales you need to reach your goals.

Let me also guess...you're overwhelmed AF either with too many ideas and not enough time or you're paralyzed because you don't  have a clue where to start.


Kicking you into action with a PLAN for your marketing is totally my wheelhouse!  Helping you decorate your home...not so much!

My job is to help get your marketing ideas organized, to add strategy to them and then help you COMPLETE the tasks on your list.  

*Regardless of whether you book an hour or two, we aren't here for chit chat, we'll jump in and get busy as soon as I know the goal for our time together.  Please make sure you fill out your questionnaire with as much detail as possible so we can jump right to it!



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