Marketing With Messenger™

This course will take you through when, why and how to use messenger as an important role in the marketing of your product/service.

You'll learn how to set up the various methods of using messenger and you'll get a deep dive into what to post and the strategies necessary to make your messenger marketing give you the results you are craving.

For the small business owner who wants to be on the cutting edge of marketing and loves building relationships over SELLING.

Let me show you the ropes of using Facebook Messenger to not only communicate with your followers, but to deliver the kinds of information and content they WANT all while establishing a relationship with them that allows them to know, like and trust you enough to do business together!

I teach in a step-by-step "watch over my shoulder" method that will have you up and running in as fast as one afternoon! 

Don't worry, I'll give you everything you need to come up with what to post and the strategies you'll want to use to drive conversation, leads and ultimately- SALES for your business!

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